An experimental hyperverse concert series hosted by Lexicon Devil’s for Juicebox.money. Featuring curated lineups of Web3-focused musicians, we will share original recording of their performances at a virtual party in the metaverse. We want to demonstrate the ease and capability of Juicebox as a tool to demonstrate how radical transparency can facilitate creative production and give other artists a sip of what Juicebox can offer for their stack. Both DJ & live sets are welcome submissions, as well as the use of visualizers, video edits, or any visual representation an artist prefers.


October 25 • Submissions close

October 28 • Line up is announced

October 29 • Forming goes live @ Juicebox HQ


To handle crowdfunding and distribution in a transparent, on-chain manner, we are using Juicebox. 2 weeks leading up to the event, all funds received in the FORMING treasury will be distributed to the present Volume's artists at the premier. 2 weeks after premier, we will remove the artist's addresses from the payout list so ongoing funds will be directed to the next Volume. Funding amounts vary by support within every cycle, with the entirety of proceeds going to showcased performers. We encourage anyone interested to check out Juicebox and our FORMING treasury to learn more.


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Please follow @devils_lexicon on twitter for announcements.

You can expect to hear from us by October 27th


Submit an Application

Lexicon Devils won’t share your information or your video submissions without your explicit permission. Please be sure to submit an unlisted youtube video of content recorded specifically for FORMING.

Please aim to keep performances around 10 minutes long.